Children of the World-Our Future!!!


A child is truly a gift of life, then why millions of them are:

- not well-nourished (malnutrition)
- sold for prostitution/Slavery
- sexually abused
- used in armed conflicts
- orphans
- child labour

and the list goes on and on!!!

This is the reality of TODAY, however we can make it change by sensitizing our family, friends, and people surrounding us to these various issues. But above all, we can make a difference in acting, in doing concrete things!!
We could start by doing a huge propaganda:

"Children of the World-Our Future!!!"

For all those who believe in Actions more than Words...
For all those who believe in Human Beings more than Ideologies...
For all those who believe in our Future...then join in to make one of the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) be the Reality of TOMORROW!!!

 Hareeta  CUNNIAH